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Valentine, You Are Just WRITE!

I really love this non-candy (candy-free) Valentine idea from "I Can Teach My Child" and had to put my own twist on it! Click here to check out her original post.

My son is all about these shuttle pens lately and wants to use them every time we practice writing together. I think it's great!!!! He was so excited when I told him that these will be his Valentine's this year! I am excited that they aren't full of sugar, because I am sure he will have plenty of it once the holiday rolls around. 

I ordered the pens online (you can find links to a few options at the bottom of this post), printed the tags onto white card stock, and used patterned washi tape to secure the pens to the Valentines. 

Here are the shuttle pens (and some other options) that I attached to the valentines. Kids love them!

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