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Don't Eat Pete! (St. Patrick's Day Themed)

Don't Eat Pete is a classic game my family has played for years and it's been around for forever! In fact, when I was a tween, I would take this game to every babysitting gig I had and all the kids loved it! This {free} silly game is perfect for class parties, family nights, holidays, or just for fun!

HOW TO PLAY: Place one candy/cereal in each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the room and have the remaining children choose which green monster will be "Pete". Then have the first child come back and begin eating the candy/cereal, one at a time. As soon as the child tries to pick up & eat the candy that is on the "Pete" monster, everyone yells, "Don't eat Pete!!!!" Refill the game board and play again with the next child. 

Hint: If you are playing with m&ms, then I'd recommend the mini m&ms. They are easier to eat quickly! :)

Click on the picture below to download this fun freebie. Be sure to print it on white card stock and laminate... if you don't laminate it, it won't last very long... trust me!

Looking for other versions of this silly game? Click on the pictures below to snag these up!

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