Puzzle Photo Album

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When I came across this blog post << here >> from Love Them Madly, I knew I had to make a puzzle photo album for my little guy too! I actually made it for his first birthday, and he loved it even more than I thought he would! He can take the puzzle pieces off in record time, and he loves to talk about the pictures underneath each shape. His puzzle has pictures of mom, dad, baby (himself), cousins, and grandparents.

This puzzle photo album was so easy to make and it didn't take a lot of time. First I ordered the Melissa & Doug: Large Shapes Jumbo Puzzle from Amazon << here >>. Next I printed pictures of our family. I printed out a lot of different pictures (in different sizes), because I wasn't sure which pictures I would use and where. When the puzzle arrived, it was nice to have a lot of different photo options, because some photos fit some shapes better than others. 

Once I decided where the photos would go, I traced the shapes onto the photos, cut them out, and glued the pictures onto the puzzle. After this was done, I noticed that the photos were getting a little scratched up, so I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge onto each picture with a foam paint brush. The Mod Podge dried clear and protected the photos perfectly!

My little boy loves to play with this puzzle, because it has pictures of his favorite people on it! It is fun to talk about the pictures with him, and soon I will be teaching him the colors and names of the different shapes (and we will call the diamond a rhombus, of course ).


  1. I love your puzzle with pictures. It looks like a gift for my grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes! It is the perfect gift that every child will love! <3

  2. I have two of these already and never thought of doing that. Guess what my weekend project is going to be???

    Jenny :-)

    Miss Jenny's Classroom

    1. haha! you are like me! when I see an idea, I get started right away. :)

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  4. Oh it's a great idea! Thank you for sharing! I also have this puzzle! Must try it ^^

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  7. Love this! Although MY students may not think those shoes are out of the ordinary! Haha They will LOVE creating their own.
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