The Classroom Kindness Project

Finally it's FEBRUARY! Let the "love" festivities begin! February is a great time to encourage your students to be kind... because it's all about LOVE! My newest packet, The Classroom Kindness Project, will help you do just that!

The activities in this packet are designed to teach kindness in the classroom. As a teacher you have many opportunities to teach kindness to your students. You can teach kindness through object lessons, real-life situations, encouraging your students to be kind, and by being a good example (they are always watching you). The activities in this packet will help guide you through the process of teaching kindness to your students. You and your students will enjoy these fun, meaningful activities!

This fun Daily Kindness Challenge will give your students a different challenge to focus on each day.

Your students will have so much fun sending sunshine to someone they care about or doing service for someone and leaving "The Secret Serve Star" behind.

The Kindness Report Card is a really great self-assessment and it will get your students thinking about how kind they are to others and what being kind means to them. Your students will also love the Kindness Bingo homework activity!

This 30 Days of Kindness Journal will surely become a keepsake to your students for years to come!

This whole group sorting activity will help define the words "kind" and "unkind".

The Kindness Jar will encourage your class to be kind as a whole, because every time you see someone being kind or making a good choice, you will add a pom pom! When the jar is full, you can have a class party! 

Your students will also have a lot of fun noticing others be kind with the "Kind Classmates" box. Whenever your students see other's being extra kind, they can give them a shout out!

After completing the activities in this packet, I hope you feel an improvement in your classroom atmosphere, and you have students who strive to be kind to others. Click (here) to check out The Classroom Kindness Project and save 20% today only!

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  1. I love this! We did a kindness elf in December and the kids loved it. I'm definitely going to use this in February so we can keep the kindness going!-Lisa

  2. This is such a great idea for February! I just bought this pack and I am so excited about using it with my students. We can all stand to be a little kinder every day.

    1. I'm excited! Please let me know how you like it!

  3. This is such a great idea! I love it! We do a school wide kindness campaign at my school so I will have to share this post with my colleagues! Thank you!

  4. This is wonderful! I remember doing something like the sunshines you have when I was in 3rd grade. Our teacher called them sunshine-grams, and we'd each fill one out when we wanted to tell someone thank you even if it wasn't to their face. The sun would get folded into quarters and put in a box through a slit. At the end of the week, the teacher would have us all go to the rug and would hand out the suns. It was a wonderful year-round activity!

    1. What a fun, special memory! Stuff like that makes the biggest difference, doesn't it!?

  5. I love this project! Thank you for sharing the idea!

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