Silly {Little} Pumpkins

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October is my favorite month! I absolutely love pumpkins, fall, and all things Halloween. So, when I saw this fanged pumpkin tutorial from Martha Stewart, I had to try it right away! I made them with my family and they all turned out so cute. (Side Note: At the end of the night, we were all covered in eyeballs and we were talking to each other while wearing vampire fangs. HOLY DROOL! Have you ever tried to talk with vampire fangs in your mouth?)

I found everything I needed at the grocery store. If you want to order through Amazon, you can find the fangs {here} and the googly eyes {here}. I used sticky googly eyes that stuck right on. Some of the kids had a hard time making them stay, though! You may want to use hot glue and have a parent volunteer help you out.

If you want your whole class to make these fanged pumpkins, then cutting out the mouth ahead of time is a MUST! Ask a parent volunteer to come in the day before to help you out. 

Mmmmmm.... Pumpkin Guts.... ;)

 The finished product is so darn cute and so fun. I have an assortment of these fanged pumpkins decorating my hutch and they are the best Halloween decorations I have out!

Be prepared for your students to get out of control with the googly eyes. I let my nieces and nephews put on as many as they wanted, but you may want to set a limit! 

The little guy who decorated this pumpkin sure is proud of it. :)

For other fun and engaging Halloween activities, check out my Halloween packet on TpT. Click on the pictures to check it out!

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  1. These pumpkins are so cute! I think they would work for younger students, too. The adult could cut them ahead of time, and the students could scoop them out with a spoon. Thank you for sharing!

    ~Shelly Anton
    Promoting Success Blog

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