Saying Goodbye is Hard!

I really hate saying goodbye, especially to someone I won't see for a long time. In the last few months, I have lost two really great neighbors. I'm so sad!! Before they moved I wanted to give them a little something to let them know that they would be missed. I gave them "Bye"-Chews (Hi-Chews)... get it?!? This is the perfect little gift to say goodbye, because it is inexpensive and everyone loves Hi-Chews! I bought the large bag at Costco, but you could do the same thing with a small bag. (You may have seen this idea before, because I posted about it on Instagram a few weeks ago.)

I've also hopped on the bandwagon and joined tsū. T is free social networking site (it seems similar to Facebook) that gives the social revenues back to it's users. I'm pretty new to the site and I'm still trying to figure it all out, but it seems really awesome! You can check it out and sign up {here}.


HAHA! This made me giggle! He is too cute! :)

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