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When Erin Condren Designs asked me to review their Life Planner, I *literally* jumped for joy! I have always wanted an EC Planner and let me tell you something... these planners are just as gorgeous in person as they are online. The quality is absolutely impressive and I am so excited to get my life organized with this planner. I chose the Quote Life Planner and I am so glad I did!


All of the pages are SO colorful and there are so many details that went into making this planner. Seriously, even the tabs are beautiful! Oh, and a lot of you asked about the colorful markers on Instagram. I totally love them and they are a must-have if you buy this planner! Check them out {here}.

Here are the calendar pages. There are so many inspiring quotes throughout this planner.

I love how you can purchase different covers, and so I couldn't help myself and I ordered an extra cover! (Click {here} to check out the covers.) You can also customize them with pictures. Love my little family.

Erin Condren Designs also sells teacher planners. I have never used one myself, but I have heard that they are awesome! All of my friends rave about them... :)


  How do you keep your life organized? Do you use a planner?
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  1. Love the design of the Life Planner! Thanks for sharing!

  2. NO other way to go than with an Erin Condren teacher planner. I'm forever a fan!

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. You're so lucky to have had the opportunity to review one of these! I would have jumped too! :) Last year I splurged and got the EC Teacher Planner. It definitely was awesome. I'm not teaching this year due to our upcoming move across the country and I've considered the life planner, but haven't made the plunge yet. I really like your cover designs.

  4. I'm so obsessed with my planner!! I splurged and bought both the teacher and life planner. So glad to see others loving it too! I'm hoping to come up with a good way of writing in it this year so next year when I buy it again, it'll be old hat! ;)

    Miss Wilson
    20-Something Teacher Tales

  5. So awesome to have all these important things going on in your life and to be able to keep up with it too! Looks great!
    Kelly Hearts 2nd

  6. I will definitely have to get one of these. Just looking at yours makes my teacher heart go pitter patter!

    The Teacher Brain

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