Rocks ROCK!!! (Igneous, Metamorphic, & Sedimentary)

I've always loved teaching about rocks to my students. I love my little rock characters (pictured below) and they always make teaching this unit so much fun for my students and me. I've just update THIS. ENTIRE. PACKET! If you own it, you can re-download it from your TpT dashboard. I promise that you will LOVE the new updates and additions! :)

This packet includes: a detailed rock notebook (teacher and student edition), rock anchor charts, rock characters, adorable rock craft, rock hunt activity, rock cycle anchor charts w/ accompanying worksheets, rock sort activity with a parent letter, yummy rock recipes, practice pages, and more!

Besides the rock characters (pictured above) I'd have to say that the rock notebook (pictured below) is the best part of this packet! It includes a cover page, KWL chart, a separate section for igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, a page for their favorite rock, and a rock test. These rock notebooks will become a great resource for your students and they will be SO proud of them when they are finished. This rock notebook also comes in a mini form and it includes a teacher's edition with all of the answers! PHEW!

This adorable rock craft is a new addition to this rock packet. Your students can model their rock craft after an actual rock sample and then personalize it on the back. If you don't have rock samples in class, you can use this website {here} and display it on your overhead projector or interactive white board. This website has great pictures and is also a great resource throughout the entire unit.

How adorable are these Pet Rock Printables from U Create? Seriously! I want to go make that elephant right now! What will my husband think when he comes home to a pet rock? He will officially think that I've gone CRAY CRAY! But I'm okay with that... ;)

I am slightly OBSESSED with children's literature and I will tie books into EVERYTHING (just like a teacher does)! These are some of my favorite books about rocks. You can click on the carousel widget below to check them out on Amazon. 


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