Easy Tips for Staying Organized at School

One of my favorite things about being a teacher was being extra organized. I am an organized freak, to say the least... Just ask my friends! I love to make things easier by being organized and I love to share these tricks with other teachers.

One of my favorite organizational tools was my Reading Bin. You can read more about it {here}. IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. I promise and you will love me for it.

When I was teaching, I was always trying to "get ahead of the game" by preparing my lessons and activities ahead of time. Click {here} to see how I used these files to get organized. 

A must have for all teachers is a dependable, useful Plan Book. I used mine like a bible and I couldn't have survived without it. Reading more about mine {here}.

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What are your organizational tricks and tricks? 
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