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Let Freedom Ring! (Free BBQ Printable)

If you are like me, then you are doing some last minute party planning for your 4th of July BBQ (with lots of recipes and ideas from Pinterest, of course).  Are cupcakes still the latest fad??? They are in my neck of the woods! And they are delicious, so that's a bonus!  Cupcakes are a definite must for my family parties -- and they are so easy to make.

I secured the cupcake toppers with a sucker stick and tape. But I think a popsicle stick or a toothpick would look fine and dandy, too. I found the little flag toothpicks at the dollar store.

I love these vintage-looking glass soda bottles. I removed the original wrappers and dressed them up with this fun, patriotic bottle wrapper design and added a cute little star to the straw. 

Download the cupcake toppers here.
Download the bottle wrappers here.

*Have a safe and fun holiday!*
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