Back-2-School (another year, another update!)

I still can't believe that summer is here, which means that I really can't believe that it's time to start thinking about "Back-to-School"! YIKES! Where does all the time go, and why does it go so fast?

My favorite way to start the school year is with this adorable "All About Me" doll and book. They always turn out super precious and they become a keepsake for each of my students. My students love working on these and they are always super proud of the finished product. It's also fun to have each student share their doll with the class to help the kids get to know each other better.

This packet includes all the patterns so you can make these large paper dolls with your class! These make darling decorations... I leave them up for a LONG time in my classroom.

I also love to start the year off with this fun Teacher Hunt. Basically your students are given a worksheet with questions about you {their teacher} on it. For example: What is my favorite color? What is my favorite book? Who is my best friend? And your students will have to search around the room to find the answers {written on the bright paper in the picture below}. It's a fun way for your students to get to know YOU! You can have your students complete this activity independently, or you can answer each question as a class (or put them in groups).

This packet also includes a Buddy Board Game. Students will get to know each other while playing and they will have a lot of fun!! The game is also really easy to print off, assemble, and prepare for your students.{This game board is also available in B&W.}

I just updated this packet with apple measuring activity. It's a great way to kick off the year with some nonstandard measurement fun! If you already own this packet, re-download it from your TpT Dashboard. If you don't own it, but would like to, it is on sale today only! Click {here}!

Click on the image below to learn more about this packet:
{BTW: not all activities are shown in this preview}

Blog Hoppin' is hosting an awesome Christmas in July sale and each day I will put a few items on sale. This Back-to-School packet is my first item on sale and it is on sale TODAY only!

I've made it really easy for you, all you have to do to find my deal of the day is click on this banner in my TpT shop. Don't forget to stop by each day for a new deal!


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  2. I absolutely LOVE this Back to School packet, Lindsey! It is one of my favorites and I am so excited about the new apple measuring activities. Thanks as always!

    Ship Shape First Grade

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