Classroom Schedule Freebie! {And my new job!}

Summertime is TOO good to me. I've been loving on my little man and enjoying a whole lot of time with my family. I've officially decided not to return to work as a teacher; instead I will be a full time mommy and I am so excited. Before TpT, staying home wouldn't have been an option for me. Thank goodness for this wonderful website and the HUGE blessing it is to my family financially. Even though I won't be a classroom teacher, I will continue to make fun/meaningful classroom activities and I'll still be blogging regularly! In fact, I'll probably have more time for blogging and TpT now! :)

If I was returning back to school, then I would already be planning out my classroom schedule. This is something I was always tweeking! Even after the first week of school, I would be moving things around... making a schedule was a continual process for me! Here is a free download of my classroom schedule from last year. You can open and edit it in Word. Click {here} to download it! 

You can download the fonts {here} and {here} or change them out for different ones.

I give this schedule to my classroom parents at the beginning of the school year and I always post it on my classroom website (the updated versions, of course). I think it is SO important for parents to know how their child is spending each school day. 

I also keep a copy of my class schedule in my Plan Book. You can snag this packet in my TpT shop!

This Plan Book is totally affordable, practical, and ink friendly. All the planner pages come in B&W and the cover pages come in color and B&W. This Plan Book comes in two forms: Editable and Non-Editable. 

Planner Pages IncludedPersonal Information, Student Birthdays, Student Information, Student Behavior Log, Student Transportation, Student Passwords, Student Whereabouts (for student who are pulled out of class), Volunteer Information/Calendar, Parent Contact Forms, Emergency Substitute Information, Substitute Forms, Daily Schedule, Notes (for meetings, ideas, etc.), For Next Year (idea page), Year At-a-Glance, Weekly Planning (available in PDF and PowerPoint), Monthly Calendars, Student Scores (by subject)

*If you don't use a Plan Book, these planner pages will work great on a clipboard!*

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