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Cookin' Up Some LOVE (Valentine Box Idea)

Last year, my adorable niece and sister came up with the CUTEST valentine box idea:

It's an OVEN! How cute is that??! 
My niece's classmates had to open the oven to put their valentines inside. 
Hands-down this is the cutest valentine's day box I have ever laid eyes on... Take that Pinterest! ;)

However, in my class I don't have my students decorate boxes at home. I love to decorate their valentine sacks with them at school. Each year I have my first graders make these cute little monster sacks. My students are always SO proud of the final product and so am I. :)


The patterns for the monster sacks, along with lots of other fun activities, 

Here is a sample of what the patterns look like:

I'm tired of January... is February here yet??

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