What's in your TpT shopping cart?!

Wahoo! I am LOVING this sale! I've had so many great products in my TpT shopping cart and it's so nice to finally buy everything! Here is a little peek of what I bought:

Word Building I - Word Families - for Literacy Centers


Hurray for Handwriting! Handwriting Resources      Sticky Sight Words! Activities to Make Sight Words Stick!

What are you favorite purchases? Please share!! :)


  1. I got the Wow vs. Blah sentences last year and loved it! A great way to practice expanding sentences! Thanks for the reminder to use it this year!

    What I Have Learned

  2. Thank you so much for the love, girl . . . I am flattered for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the shout out! Love you!!

  4. I love this blog. it shows that you re a great teacher mom students and teachers!<

  5. I've bought and downloaded a ton of sight word activities to work with the younger kids that I tutor. There are so many creative ways to help keep them focused!

  6. Good Afternoon! I just found your St. Patrick's Day writing/art activity "More than Gold". I would like to use it for my March Family Fun Program at the Clermont County Public Library, but I must ask your permission to copy and distribute to the program attendees before I can begin the process. Do I have your blessing? It's frustrating, as the library is in a gray area when it comes to the fair use rule, but we are involved in education here, so....please?

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thanks for the love ♥

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