Utah Blogger Meet-Up!

I had such a great time at the Utah Teacher/Blogger Meet Up! I love my Utah Bloggers! We met up on a Friday afternoon for a fun day of eating pizza, chatting, and meeting new friends. I loved being around so many women who share my passions and hobbies... and I always love an excuse to get together with Rachelle and Natalie! We have some serious talent in Utah! 

It was so fun meeting new friends! And the pizza and salads from The Pie Pizzeria were delicious!! 

Here's a list of the {awesome} bloggers who joined us:

We had some really fabulous people donate gift baskets and gift cards to our meet up! Everyone in attendance walked away with a special prize! (A list of all our wonderful sponsors is provided below.)
Seriously, these prizes were amazing and I wanted to take them all home!

The prizes were a huge hit and these teachers were super happy! Everyone was so excited with what they won! Please take a look at all of our sponsors by clicking on their links below.

Independent Norwex Consultant

Scentsy by Tricia
Independent Scentsy Consultant

doTERRA Essential Oils by Natalie 

Clipart by Melonheadz Illustrations

A giant thank you to all of our sponsors and all the bloggers (and teachers) who came this years' meet up! We had a blast and are already making plans for next year! If you are a Utah blogger and you couldn't make it, please leave your blog address in the comments below-- I'd love to check out your blog!
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