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Organize Your Reading Supplies!

Shoo! It has taken me nearly 3 years of teaching to figure this out, so it's something I definitely need to share with you all! I'VE FINALLY FIGURED OUT A STRESS-FREE WAY TO ORGANIZE MY READING SUPPLIES!!! I love the way I organize my reading supplies now, and I love the feeling I get from always being prepared for small reading groups. 

I keep everything in a file storage crate I got on sale at Jo-Anns (they are everywhere). I love how small and light it is, so I can carry it around the room with me during prep. and teaching time. 

This file has three different sections front, middle, and back-- which I will explain now... :)


FRONT: In the front of this file crate, you will find a hanging file pouch. I love this pouch!! You can find one for yourself on Amazon {here}.

In this pouch you will find... 

1. Reading Strategy Mini Posters: These cute posters are made by Cara Carroll and I love them! I make sure all my students have them memorized by the end of the year. Struggling readers find them to be so helpful. I also have the larger posters in my reading area.

2. Finger Beams: Your students will LOVE these. They are great for making sure that your students are following along during small-group reading time. Your students will never get tired of these either!

3. Index Cards and Marker: I always have these handy for those big words my students are struggling with. While reading a book together, I'll write down the hard words and we'll practice them as a group until everyone has them down.

4. POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game: This is a freebie in my TpT shop. My students always beg to play this game and it helps them learn some of those tricky sight words! I also send this game (and instructions on how to play) home with my struggling readers.

5. Digraph Flash Cards: We work on these ALL YEAR LONG. I always pull them out during the last few minutes to review. You can find these flash cards and more, in my Digraph unit on TpT!

6. Comprehension Question Cards: These adorable question cards are made by Abby Mullins! These cards are so convenient and we always choose one question to answer after every story.


MIDDLE: In the middle you will find four expanded file folders. These expandable file folders are a little expensive, BUT SO WORTH IT! They are also quite durable. You can find them on Amazon {here}. I try to break my class up into four reading groups (or more... it depends on my class). In each file you will find 5 or more copies of the same book and a reading comprehension worksheet for each student in that group. Everyday after school, I change everything out (the books and comprehension worksheets) and then I am ready to go for the next day! EASY! 


BACK: In the back you will find my Reading Comprehension binder and I USE THIS BINDER EVERYDAY! All the worksheets are generic, so they will work for any book. At the beginning of the week, I run off the worksheets I need, depending on what comprehension strategy we are working on, and then I'm ready to go! You can find this Reading Comprehension Bundle in my TpT shop {here}. 

If you already own the Reading Comprehension Bundle, then click {here} to get the cute binder cover!

Here is a sneak peek of the worksheets you'll find in this bundle:

 Click on the picture below to check out the Reading Comprehension Bundle!!

How do you keep your reading supplies organized? Please share in the comments below! 

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