Best Day Ever!

If you know me in real life, then you know that my sisters are my best friends! My sister Tiffany {pictured below, on the right} just started up an amazing preschool last year in our neighborhood, and all the kids love Miss Tiffany! She is a natural teacher, and it's been so much fun to bounce ideas off of her. Now that she is a teacher, she has started her own TpT Shop and Pre-K blog. {It might have taken a lot of bugging/encouragement from me, but she finally put it all together and IT'S AWESOME!}

Her blog is pretty adorable and it's called the Best Day Ever: Blog. Her blog name is perfect, because her students' truly have the BEST day EVER whenever they go to her pre-k classroom.  She makes school so much fun for her little tykes!

Best Day Ever: Early Learning!

Her first TpT project is BIG and super IMPRESSIVE! Seriously! When she first showed it to me, she kept asking what I would change, but I wouldn't change a thing! Not only is she a natural teacher, but she has the knack for creating lesson materials.

In her TpT shop you'll find Start at the Star {SATS} level 1, 2, and 3 and it is perfect for early writing. 

SATS teaches children to write by simply giving them a place to start.  Letting young children see the letters they are learning, by keeping as many extra lines, arrows and numbers out of the way.  “Start at the Star”- easy to remember, and learning to write becomes so much easier when you simply know where to start! 

I would definitely recommend using this program in all pre-k classrooms! It would also be appropriate to use in Kindergarten and for struggling writers in first grade. Click on the pictures below to see them in more detail on her blog.


She also has some awesome freebies! I love this cute little bakery game....

and I am making this bookworm treat for our first read-a-thon! So fun!

Go show Miss Tiffany some love on her blog and TpT Shop!

P.S. Now you know why I was asking about your favorite pre-k blogs on Facebook!
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