My New Office {♥ Gray & Yellow}

My husband is awesome. He lets ME do the decorating and I love him for it! It took me almost a year to put this office together. It sat completely empty while I tried to figure out what to do with it. This was definitely, the hardest room to decorate. This office is at the entrance of my house, so it needed to be cute. It also had to be VERY functional, because I come with a lot of crap {cameo, printer, files, computer, laminator, binding machine, paper, crap...} and I wanted all my crap to be nicely hidden.

I chose to go with the popular yellow and gray color scheme and I love every bit of it. I actually spray painted a lot of my old junk yellow and you'd never know {except for the fact that I just told you..}! I also got a lot of accessories from West Elm, Target, The Land of Nod, and local boutiques.

These square windows are my favorite part of this room. I am always looking for glass bottles to add to my collection. The colored bottles look so pretty when the sun comes through!

I love how nicely the wood tons and white cabinets turned out! For you local peeps, Foxwood designed and installed this desk for us and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! The gray armchair is from Ikea. I saw one just like it at West Elm and Ikea's was way cheaper! I love getting the same look for less! :)

But I have to be real with you all. Even though I have an adorable, functional office, I usually do most of my work right here in my loft. It is nice and cozy and my DVR is only a few feet away!

What does your office space look like? If you've already blogged about it, then leave a link!
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