Tutorial: How to add a Pinterest button to your Facebook fan page!

On my Facebook fan page you will see a Pinterest button. Click {here} to check it out!
This button makes it so my Pinterest account is available right on my Facebook fan page.

All my readers/followers have to do is click on the Pinterest button and they can view all my 
pinboards without leaving Facebook. How awesome is that?!?

BTW: You need a Pinterest account to complete this tutorial. If you don't already have an account, then you can sign up for one here: http://Pinterest.com. You can also follow me on Pinterest {here}! :)

Then log onto Facebook {FB} and use FB as your fan page administrator.
In my case, I used FB as The Teacher Wife.

Next, go to the website http://woobox.com/pinterest. On this website you will install the Woobox App on your page {the first one is FREE}. Just follow the instructions and select the Pinterest page.
I included a video tutorial for this step, because it can be a little confusing! {Sorry, no sound!}

Now, go check out your FB fan page and see if it worked! 

You can follow me on FB {here}
You can follow me on Pinterest {here}.

If you have a FB fan page, leave your FB link in the comments below, 
so others can check out your page!
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