Pirates {and First Graders} say "ARRR!"

Along with learning about the /ow/ and /ou/ sound, we've also been learning about the /ar/ sound. 
To help reinforce this particular r-controlled vowel, I gave all my students an "ar" eye patch. I got them cheap from Amazon {here}. To put the "ar" on them I cut out vinyl with my silhouette. This was an easy project and it didn't take long at all to put everything together. My students were SO excited to wear these cute eye patches home!! {And they looked pretty darn cute, too!}

I used all the /ar/ activities from Abby's adorable Pirate Mark packet on TpT! You can check it out {here}. My students especially loved her story about Pirate Mark and the treasure map activity!

We are also learning this cute little pirate song from the Backyardigans!
My students look so darn adorable when they sing this song and they are pretty good at it, too.
Youtube won't let me embed the song to this post, but you can check it out here.

I also read both of these stories to my students and now they are a class favorite!
Click on the pictures to check them out.

The Pirate Who Couldn't Say Arrr!

My sweet friend, Michelle @ Fabulous in First, just made an adorable Pirate unit that would go perfectly with all of these activities! Check it out {here}!

Happy Monday!! xoxo


  1. Love those eye-patches!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness... I bought your super e unit a while back and have never seen my kiddos so excited! I am immediately going to check out these awesome ow and other activities! Please keep being creative for people like me that are the completely opposite minded!!! :)

    I even blogged about your super e stuff here:

    1. You are so sweet! Thanks for blogging about it! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! So darn cute!! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas! Adorable!!!
    K&C Love Grade 3

  4. Love this post! Teaching my italian students 'r' is so much easier when I use the pirate analogy. They love it! Gonna show them the pirate video this week. Thanks!

  5. The eye patches are unforgettable! The kids should definitely remember "ar" after these!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  6. Those eye patches are definitely precious! How cute!

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  7. Love the eye patch idea! We will be learning "ar" soon!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  8. Those eye patches are so cute! Great idea!

  9. I'm making those eye patches asap! Love ya Lindsey

  10. Ahhh you took me back to our Backyardigans days. My own kiddos LOVED this one. Nothing better than being able to say -ar all day long!

    Fluttering Through First Grade

  11. I LOVE your pirate eye patches - what a cute idea! I could definitely make that with my Cricut. Now I'm inspired :)

    Thanks for sharing the great book suggestions!

    Joy in the Journey

  12. Love the eye patches! Thanks for sharing your idea!

    Swimming into Second

  13. Super cute! You arrr such a great teacher!
    Rambling About Reading

  14. This is absolutely ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing such fun lesson planning :)

  15. You pull out all the stops every week! How lucky the kids "arrrr" to be in your classroom! Thanks for the book suggestions, adding them to my list!

    For the Love of First Grade

  16. Cute Cute! My friend Kayla has an awesome unit of pirate math games that would go perfect with this! I am thinking about doing a whole pirate week next year. Wouldn't that be "argh"some? Her pirate games are here

    Your stuff is soooo cute
    A Burst of First

  17. Deirdre! Thank you so much for that kind post about my pirate games. I am so glad your students are enjoying them!

    I absolutely LOVE the eye patch idea by the way! SUPER CUTE!!!


thanks for the love ♥

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