Snowflake Measuring

So, remember those creepy crawlers I posted about yesterday? Well they were a hit and my students were enthralled! Since they are nocturnal creatures, I am so happy that they were really active when I showed them to my students. They also had to name them right away... To make it fair, I had everyone write down a name and then I drew the names out of a bucket.

 Our hermit crabs are officially named Jason and Jibbles. Oh man... these first graders crack me up!


Besides taking care of my little hermit crabs, I have been a busy lady! I have transformed my Candy Corn Measuring unit {read more about it here} into a Snowflake Measuring unit! It is the exact same unit, just with a different theme. I didn't have a chance to use this unit in October, so I will definitely use it this month.

This Unit Includes:
- Snowflake Rulers 
- Measurement Board Game
- Measure and Graph Activity
- Snowman Measurement Activity 
- Measure the Classroom Activity

Happy Monday, Sweet Friends! XoXo

As always, the FIRST PERSON to comment with their email address will get this unit FREE!


  1. Another great quality product!


  2. Sooo cute! Can't wait to use it!

  3. Super cute unit!!

    Your creepy crawlers {hermit crabs} were a great way to get your students excited about learning! I know my firsties would be super excited. Those names are too funny!

    The First Grade Dream

  4. Great unit! I'm working on measurement now so this would be perfect!!


  5. I have a hermit crab for my firsties too! I need to get him a friend.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  6. Yay Lindsey! We start non-standard measurement next week. I can't wait to use these! Thank you!

  7. Classroom pet - you are such a brave soul! The measuring unit looks super cute :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  8. hahaha! I love that they are named Jason and Jibbles!! That's awesome!

  9. You have a special place in the heart of the Teaching Blog Circle! I invite you to stop by and learn more... Your blog has inspired and helped me :)
    The Teacher's Chair

  10. I am not a big fan of winter. At. All. But I love all the cute stuff that comes along with it and the units that it inspires! (I would just like to teach them from somewhere with palm trees, lol)

    You Might Be a First Grader...


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