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Finger Beams {Great for Guided Reading Groups}

I found out about these finger beams from my sweet friends Michelle {here} and Deedee {here}. After learning about them, I had to get my hands on some RIGHT AWAY. I am so glad I did, because they have been so fun for my little firsties, and now my students are begging to read with me {they only get to use them during group reading time}.

These finger beams have benefited all of my students, but they have especially helped my struggling students! They look forward to reading time now, and they try really hard to follow along with the correct words. I knew these little flashlights would be fun, but I had no idea how much they would motivate my students!

I got these finger beams {pictured above} at Restoration Hardware in December, but I found them cheaper from Oriental Trading {here}. Oriental Trading also had the best reviews {better than Amazon}! I just recently ordered enough for each of my students to have their own. They have already arrived at my house, and they all work perfectly! My students will earn them by doing the 100 Book Challenge {I will be blogging about this challenge sometime this week}.

What interesting things do you do to make reading groups fun?? Please share!
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