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A New Year Family Tradition

This is our Erickson Family Time Capsule! 
 Inside it you will find yearly lists of events that have happened in our family.

Making an end-of-the-year  list (on New Years Eve) has always been a tradition in my family growing up, so naturally, I carried this tradition on into my own little family. I have always loved this tradition, because I think it is so fun to sit around as a family and reflect on the events of the past year.  Each year Dave and I make a list with my family, and then we go home and make our own list that is more specific to just us. The list can be made up of whatever we want and so some things on our list are important to remember and some things are just for fun! We always include things like vacations, job changes, family events, family changes, and big purchases. These lists come in handy when I need to remember important dates... or when my husband asks me something like "What year did we go on that one vacation?" or "What year did I buy my car?"

Here is our list for 2012:

Now that we have our list for 2012, it is ready to go in our time capsule with our other yearly lists. Over the years, I am sure our lists will get longer and longer as our family gets bigger and bigger!

When I was younger, we also had another fun tradition that we would do right after we made our yearly list. We would have "confession" time with my parents. My siblings and I all got to tell one "bad" thing we did that year and get off without a consequence. My parents just wanted to know what we were really up to... We were all pretty good kids, so our confessions always included things like seeing a movie our parents didn't want us to see or sneaking out late at night, but some years there were some interesting confessions!  Depending on how rebellious my own children are, we may or may not carry this tradition on with our family!

What fun New Year traditions do you do with your family or class?

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