How Many More Days Until Christmas???

My students will be making these Christmas countdown chains next week with our sixth grade buddies. {FYI: First graders can do this activity on their own, it just takes longer.} I got this activity from my wonderful team mate and former first grade teacher {she says I probably made it when I was a cute lil' first grader}. My students love this craft, because it has a real Christmas bow on it!

To make these chains just alternate red and green chain links and make sure that the last one is gold {or yellow} for Christmas Day. I glue my gold chain link in between the front and the back papers.

And, this time of year, you can find cheap gift bows at pretty much any store.

Here is the craft up close:

Click {here} to download this activity for yourself!

Even though I am technically counting down the days with my students, I really don't want this holiday to fly by! I love the Christmas season and I hate how fast it comes and goes. I know that it will be over before I know it, so I need to cherish each day! I just got my tree all decorated and now I need to tackle the rest of the house... Oy! Christmas decorating can be a big job!

Merry Christmas, Sweet {SWEET} Friends!!
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