How Do Snowmen Solve Story Problems?

If you follow me on Facebook or on TpT, then you already know that I have finally finished my newest unit: How Do Snowmen Solve Story Problems?! I go back to school on the 2nd, so I am already starting to prepare some of my lessons for January and February. 

This packet includes a snowman anchor chart with the steps needed to solve a story problem (Read, Show, Solve, & Check). How cute is this little snowman? (Although he's really not so little! When put together, he is about 22 inches tall - perfect for your math wall!)

My students will have fun playing different roles while solving story problems together!

I really love the snowman anchor chart, but I am even more excited to play this snowball game with my kiddos! Each snowball will have a story problem inside it. To start the game, each student will start with a snowball and they will get to throw it ONE time. Then they will grab a new snowball that is close to them and solve that story problem on their worksheet. After a few minutes, we will repeat and play again! (My students aren't allowed to throw snowballs at recess, so they will love this game!)

I am excited to teach my students more about story problems this January!

This packet includes:

- 22 inch Snowman Anchor Chart w/ Worksheet
- 16 Practice Pages (addition with 2 and 3 numbers, subtraction, and mixed addition/subtraction)
- Password Activity (to help them remember the steps to solve a story problem)
- Group Activity (students solve story problems together by each having a job)
- Snowball Fight Activity (students throw paper snowballs that have story problems in them - then students solve the story problems)

This unit is aligned to the Common Core (first grade math standards)!

As always, the FIRST PERSON to comment with their email address will get this unit FREE!

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