Number Line Addition & Subtraction

I have been home sick with a terrible cough/cold all weekend, so I have had lots of time on my hands... and with all my "extra" free time, I have completed and posted my Number Line unit! I am excited to use these activities with my own students and I think you will find them to be useful in your own classroom, too! This packet is perfect for students who are new to the number line or students who struggle with addition and subtraction on the number line.

This Packet Includes:
- 6 Different Anchor Charts
- Student Number Lines (0-10 or 0-20)
- Large Teacher Number Line (0-10 or 0-20)
- Over 20 Practice Pages/Assessments
- Math Hunt Activity
- Number Line Race Game
- Make A Number Line Worksheets
- Story Problems
- More/Less Than Worksheets
- More/Less Than Board Game

And... as always, the first person who comments with their email address, will get this unit FREE! 
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