Utah Teachers Rock!!

A few weeks ago, I talked about an awesome new blog called UnderPaid and OverBlessed on my FB page {here}. You all have shown her {my sweet friend, Brittany} so much LOVE since then! I love this blogging community!

Brittany is also new to TpT and she has created a Number Bond Game that my students had a lot of fun with! Not only was this game fun, but it was a great assessment, too!

According to my students, this spot was the best part about the game!

Her Number Bond packet came with some other worksheets, a lesson idea, and an anchor chart. 
Click {here} to check it out! {BTW: It is on sale for the rest of the night!}


Another {GREAT} new seller on TpT is Teresa Starr. She is a FANTASTIC teacher from Utah, too!
She came in last week to play her Sounds of Halloween: Listening Lotto game with my students. It was such a great listening activity!! My students had to listen carefully to know which square to cover up.
We will be playing this game tomorrow, too!

Click {here} to check it out! {Looks like it is on sale, too!}

If you are a Utah teacher, leave your TpT store and your blog address below! 


  1. Hey Lindsey! I love this! I took a little hiatus from the blogging world, but I'm back and so happy to see I'm the first one to comment on this post! I'm a Utah teacher :) Yay Utah!

    Here's my blog address:
    Tangled with Teaching
    and my TPT store:
    Tangled with Teaching TPT

  2. Hi! I am such a fan of yours. I am just getting started in the blogging world too and have only a few items on TPT. I am looking forward to making more and more units! I am from Lehi and watch your blog all the time!


    TPT Store:

  3. *sigh* now I miss Utah! It has been a couple of years since I visited my family there! I miss the Wasatch Mountains! They are so gorgeous! I lived in Utah and worked at the Barnes and Noble in Sugarhouse area. What a fun summer that was=)

    ~Keri Yamnik


  4. Lindsey! I am pretty much obsessed with you and your blog. I love everything you make! I just started a little blog so I could add the stuff I make onto it. However, I haven't added anything onto TPT yet. Soon! But I am in Utah too, teaching in West Valley area! :) I love your blog tips too! I have put them to use.


  5. Hi! I've been following your blog for the past year and a half. I loved looking at it and using your units when I taught 3rd grade. Such fun little supplements! Now I'm teaching 6th grade, so I just get to look and remember the fun things I used to do. ;) I teach in Utah as well.

    TpT store: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Miss-Johnson

    Blog: http://howtodresslikeateacher.blogspot.com/

    Thank you so much for your addition to the elementary teaching world!!

    Sara Beth

  6. Lindsey,
    I love your blog. What a fun game. I too am a Utah blogger.

    My blog is
    The Hive

    My store is:http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Rikki-Lee

    so excited to have found more Utah bloggers to follow. I love all your AMAZING PRODUCTS!!!

  7. Love your blog Lindsey and ALL the cute ideas you have! This is a great way to find all the Utah bloggers. I'm a blogger from Lehi! I teach 1st grade and love finding and creating things for my class. Love the blogging world!

  8. Hi Lindsey,

    I teach at a brand new charter school in South Weber, UT. It's my 2nd year teaching. I'm in 4th grade this year. I was in 2nd grade last year and used so many of your resources.

    My blog is http://www.thelearningeffect.com/

    My TPT store is http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Tiffany-Ford/

  9. It looks like we need to have another Utah teacher blogger meet up. It's almost been a year! You all inspired me to get my stuff on TPT last year and I am so thankful you did.

    Blog: kindergartenfever.blogspot.com

    TpT: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kindergarten-Fever

  10. What a creative lady and teacher!!! Thanks for all you do!

    Lory's Page


thanks for the love ♥

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