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Oh HAPPY DAY!!! I got to use my new Promethean board today and it was purely MAGiCAL! 
HA- or at least it will be... once I figure out how to use it...

My students thought it was pretty awesome though, because they got to circle all the punctuation marks in the morning message with the "special" pen.

If you use a Promethean board, then PLEASE tell me about your favorite lessons on 
Promethean Planet!! I am excited to make my own lessons (eventually),
but for now, I don't have time to re-invent the wheel.


A few weeks ago, I updated my Glue Bottle Vowels Freebie. {You can see the original blog post about these glue bottles here.} I announced this update on my Facebook page {here}, but I forgot to blog about it! It is a lot prettier now and it includes color and B&W options.

Click the picture below to download:

To go with these glue bottles, I bought this Leap Frog DVD. 
It is a short video about how the vowels are the GLUE that hold the words together!

Have a good week, friends! :)


  1. Hi!

    I use my PP board every morning for dragging down attendance and then we do our calendar work and morning maths (10 minutes in total) on the board. I have a star helper who does all the writing on the board for the morning - the kids love it! I teach 3rd Grade.

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. I'd love to hear about more Promo Planet lessons everyone uses. I use it, too, but sometimes it's hard to separate the "good" from the "not so good." Congrats on the board! You'll love it!!

    Look up the Shape Song 2 on You Tube and play it for your kiddos during snack or transition time on the whiteboard- it's adorable when they get to know the words and sing it!

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  4. How exciting. I can't imagine teaching without my Smartboard now that I've used it for 2 years. :)
    Love your glue bottles. THanks for sharing.

  5. You will LOVE your Promethean board! We call it our "magic board" in my classroom. :) I don't use many lessons from Promethean Planet. I just make my own depending on the day and subject. Did you get any kind of training? Most of what I've learned has been from trial and error. The kids are so good about trying to figure things out with me. AND, I cannot imagine how I taught without my board!!

    Good luck and have fun!!


  6. I have a smartboard and I love it! Thanks for the vowel freebie.

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

  7. I had a Smart Board in my classroom and was absolutely obsessed! I used it on a daily basis and for almost every lesson imaginable. The students were much more interactive with lessons and it became a fight to come up to the board.

  8. Oh, wow! I suppose I've been blessed to have had a Promethean since I began teaching three years ago. Honestly, I find it very difficult to find quality lessons on Promethean Planet. I stopped trying a few months back -- the website became too buggy and difficult to navigate. It might be better now.

    Your kids WILL learn the meaning of the word 'calibrate' though, haha. Also, if you have ActiVotes, definitely take the time to register them; I think they are invaluable.

    Alicia @ Today's Objective

  9. Last week my class got split for testing and when I was picking them up at the end of the day a couple of students who were in a classroom with a Promethean told me "Ms. Millard has a magic board, with a magic pen and it does magical things!" I'm so jealous, have fun with it!

    The Curious Catfish

  10. Well I was excited to finally get a whiteboard and projector :)
    Thanks for the vowel freebie, very cute !

  11. You will LOVE your Promethean Board! I've previously put together a list of websites that would be great to use with an interactive whiteboard such as live webcams, games, etc. - Great Websites for Kids

    Also, a super fun game to play on your board is Give The Dog a Bone, which works on Hundred Board skills - Give The Dog a Bone

    Primary Junction

  12. Congratulations on the board, I know (from experience) that kids will continue to love volunteering to use it!

    Love to Learn

  13. You're one lucky duck! I'd DIE if I got to teach with one of those babys.

    The Learning Tree

  14. I have an Epson board in my room. Does anyone know any good resources or tips for it? I am so used to Smart Boards, and desperately wish I had one!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class

  15. I had a Promeathean Board at my old school. My favorite thing to do was the morning message. I would write a message each morning, go over our good reader check list, search for letters, words, choral read, etc...I would make two copies of the page. The helper would take one home and one would go in a book, It was a class favorite. At the end of the year I made a copy of the book for each student - great keepsake that they can read!

  16. This is my 4th year teaching with a Promethean Board. At first it seemed overwhelming. But once you start playing around with it you will get the hang of it. I just went to a in-school training yesterday and learned new things after 3 years of using it! One being the "resource" button found under tools or on the side bar. It has math manipulatives and much more. I don't use promethean planet much either. I also teach whole group lessons from it by making powerpoint presentations and just displaying them on the Promethean. Enjoy!

  17. Thanks for the freebie! Enjoy your Promethean board! There is SO much you can do with it!!

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  18. Hi! I love your packets on TPT! I used every single piece from your Back to School packet and was so happy.

    I was blessed with my Promethean Board last year and love making lessons using it. When you go to Promethean Planet, the first place I always go to is the weeks Top 10. These are the most downloaded lessons for the week. I also have some lessons I created on Promethean Planet and on TpT. Just look up my last name: Zweygardt... to find some of my lessons.

    Enjoy! :)
    Pamela Zweygardt

  19. I only have my Smart Board twice a week but we use it a lot to look for information on google or look at radar images for the weather - the kids love it!

    I've also been using your vowel glue in my kinder room and the kids have really enjoyed using them. They're so cute!


thanks for the love ♥

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