Don't Eat Pete!

Happy Sunday, Friends! Is it just me... or do you also get a pit in your stomach on Sunday evenings? It's the oh-crap-I-have-to-go-to-work-tomorrow stomach pit and it doesn't feel good. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, it's just that I hate to see my weekend come to an end!

Earlier today, I made a Halloween game for my nieces and nephews. It's called Don't Eat Pete and my family has been playing it for YEARS! I have fond memories of playing this game as a little girl. 

I am not going to lie, there is no educational aspect to this game... it's just for FUN! 
My students will be playing this game on Halloween during our class party. 
{You could also have your students earn this game for good behavior}

To play this game, you need some candy corn...

...and a Don't Eat Pete game board.

DIRECTIONS: Place one candy corn in each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the room and have the remaining children choose which monster will be "Pete". Then have the first child come back and begin eating the candy corn, one at a time. As soon as the child tries to pick up the candy corn that is on the "Pete" monster, everyone yells, "Don't eat Pete!!!!" Refill the game board with candy corn and play again with the next child.

Oh, and you also need some cute kids to play with!!

Click the picture below to download this game for yourself, for FREE!!!

What fun things do you do with your students in October?


  1. That's a cute game! I'm sure everyone has so much fun!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  2. Ohmiword! I love it! Wish I could have food in school... BUT I'm totally doing this with my kiddos at home instead :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!
    Rulin' The Roost

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  4. Wow, this is a-freakin-dorable! Great ideas as always, Lindsey :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  5. That picture cracks me right up! Clearly their passionate about Pete! CUTE!!

    The Learning Tree

  6. I played that game with my family when I was little! It's so cute!

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  7. Holy cute-ness!! Kids will love this!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  8. What a fun game! My kids would just love that! Thank you so much for sharing! :)


  9. Cute game!!! I will totally play with my kids! Thanks!


    The Tennessee Teacher

    I'm an education student and would love some encouraging followers to come visit me!

  10. I played this game for the first time at my friends 23rd birthday party. Apparently his family plays it every year. :)
    Life with Mrs. L

  11. what a cute game!! Thanks for sharing! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  12. That is SO stinking cute!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  13. So perfect! I think I will have to adapt this for my BIG kids. Maybe have some math problems and call it don't Rob Bob! Thank you for the inspiration!


  14. I love, love, love the monster graphics.

  15. SOOO cute Lindsey!!

    Lory's Page

  16. I've seen this done with sight words instead of monsters. Then they have to yell " Don't eat (sight word)". Puts a litte bit of an educational twist on it : )


  17. We made this on a poster board with velcro to attach little round characters to the one's picked... The kids at school love this game! They pick their pieces out once their turn is over and then return to seat to eat their treat!

  18. Thanks for sharing the game! I want to feature it in a blog post I'm currently writing. Check back in a few days to see all the awesome ideas for this game.


  19. Ciao! So glad I've found your blog - there are some really lovely ideas and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Sarita (English teacher in Italy) saritaagerman.blogspot.it

  20. You saved my bacon this morning. Thank you from a kindergarten room mother in New Mexico! (that just moved here from UT last year)

  21. I was just made room mom 2 days before Halloween! I knew I wanted to play 'don't eat pete' for the class party, but I have always had to make my own game boards using clip art. On a whim I googled 'don't eat pete' and was led to this adorable blog!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! You saved this Mom a lot of time and stress!!!!!

  22. Oh my goodness...this is so cute! We played this with my kids when they were growing up (for FHE). I have always shared it in my classroom when we talk about traditions at Christmas time. I made several versions this year with clip art I bought. I love your monster version!

    Terri Izatt

  23. We played this at my 6 year old's birthday today, it was a total hit!! Thank you so much.

  24. Where did you get the graphics? I would love to purchase them so I can make them a little bigger. Thank you!

  25. Hello! I used your game for a school party and posted about it today.


    I gave you full credit and linked back to this page. I loved the images so much I created a couple free downloads to go along with the activity and made them downloadable in case anyone else wants to use them. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about it. I certainly don't want to step on any toes. I absolutely LOVE what you did here and am so excited to spread the word about your work.

    Thanks so much!

  26. I am room mom for my daughter's kindergarten Halloween party tomorrow. After looking up some games online earlier, I decided Don't Eat Pete would be simple, cute, and fun. This is the cutest game board I have found and the printouts look great. Thank you so much for sharing this! I know the kids will love it :)

  27. Can I add a link to this game in some FHE lessons I am producing?

  28. Thank you for sharing this darling game idea!!

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  30. Perfekt for our Monster-Party next week! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  32. Just today I realized Juliet would love this game so searched pinterest and yours was one of the first sites to pop up (and obviously the cutest)! When I clicked onto it I was so pleasantly surprised to see your blog! Hope you and your cute family are doing good!!

  33. Can I share this with a Mum's group for fussy eaters? Instead of corn we can laminate picture and use food for kids to try out.


thanks for the love ♥

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