Must-Haves for the Classroom

Happy Monday, Sweet Friends!!  
I am excited to share my classroom must-haves with you all for Teacher Week @ Blog Hoppin'!

1. Magnetic Handwriting Paper: I keep this up on my whiteboard all year long. It is dry erase, so I can use it over and over again. I also love how it has handwriting lines, so I can model correct handwriting techniques while using the whiteboard. {Sorry no picture... I promise to add it soon!}

2. My Silhouette Cameo: I love this machine and I love how it doesn't need any cartridges, just a computer! I've posted about it here and here.

3. Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Activities: This 60+ page packet is my #1 seller on TpT. It is perfect for small group instruction (Guided Reading groups) and can also be adapted for whole group instruction (for grades K-3). In my classroom, I will be using them for both. I have also made the pages and activities "generic" so they can be used for a variety of stories (over and over again).  I use this packet in my own classroom everyday.

4. Sharpies... and lots of 'em: I love Sharpies and I can never have too many or enough colors.

Sharpie Fine-Tip Permanent Marker, 24-Pack Assorted Colors

5. A Teacher Binder: I love having my planner and important student information with me wherever I go. Click {here} to check out my teacher binder and download all the documents to make your own {for free!!!}.

What are your must-haves for the classroom? Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to link up!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your favourite things:) I am sooooo jealous about your Silhouette Cameo ~ I can't get one sent to me in Canada! I am going to keep my eyes out for a magnetic handwriting board:)
    Natalies Nook

  2. I also listed Sharpies. They're the grown up markers :)


    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. I love colorful sharpies too! So fun!

  4. I keep two sets of Sharpies on my desk. The colors just make me happy!

    Lindsey, can you tell me the name of the font you used to write the words across your template?
    (Summarizing, comparing etc.) It looks so cute in colored print!


    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


  5. I love your blog. I have found some great ideas to use with my class. Im your newest follower.
    Flying Into First Grade


thanks for the love ♥

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