who is the teacher wife?

I started the Teacher Wife blog in February 2011 to share my experiences as a teacher, because I enjoy blogging. I never dreamed of what it would become! I have made some life-long friends who live all over the world and they have helped me become a better teacher and person. 

I try to keep this blog school related, so I don't usually post information about myself. 
However, today I am linking up with Mrs. Lemons' Tell Me More Linky Party!

So... a little bit about me:

1. See that cutie patootie in the picture above? Well that HUNK {Dave} is all mine!  He is my best friend and I couldn't imagine life without him. He is my rock. He also balances me out - I always tend to make impulse decisions and he thinks things through. I'm creative and he is logical. We actually couldn't be more opposite from each other, but I love him anyways! {Seriously! Sometimes I have to make two different dinners, because we don't even like the same food!!}

2. Dave is exactly 12 inches taller than me. A WHOLE FOOT, PEOPLE!
And yes, I always have to get on a step stool to kiss him... ;)

3. I was married in this beautiful LDS temple.

4. Because, I am a Mormon

5. If I was allowed to wear my pajamas {or sweats} to school everyday, then I would. In fact, I am always trying to convince my students that they want to earn a pajama day for good behavior!! You know you've had too many pajama days when they don't think that sounds fun anymore...

6. My niece {in the picture above} was in my first grade class {my first year of teaching} and my second grade class {my second year of teaching}. Even if I wasn't her aunt, she would still be my favorite student!

7. My other darling niece {in the picture below} will be in my first grade class this fall! We are both excited!

8. I live next door to my sister. I see this view a lot and I think it's better than any sunset or ocean!
{Please excuse the blurry picture. It was taken on my iphone and it was zoomed in.}

9. So far everything is about my family... I can't help it! I got a good one!

10. I adore my nieces and nephews and I can't wait until I can add my own kids to this CRAZY bunch!
{NO - this is not an announcement!}

9. I've been on the cover of a magazine and I didn't even know it!
I had a friend mention it causally to me one day and I was like "WHAAA??"

10. I'm still a kid at heart, which is why I love being a teacher. 
{And I secretly wish that I could still pull off this hairdo!}

Go link up with Amy! I would love to learn more about you!

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