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winner announced, plants, and books

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Shabby Apple Giveaway! The Winner is Kelley Dolling from The Idea Factory!! {Be sure to check out her awesome blog!} Congrats Kelley!

Shabby Apple is also offering 10% for a month to all of you! {Use coupon code: teacher10off}

Click the image below to get shopping!

Dresses from Shabby Apple


I am also working on this baby... and I hope to have it finished sometime this month. It will include a series of math, writing, art, and science activities that I am super excited to use in my first grade classroom next year!
Here is a sneak peak of a little art project included in this upcoming unit:

How do you teach about plants in your classroom?  Is there something you are hoping that I'll include?
If you are in need a plant unit now, my friend, Erica, has an awesome one! Check it out {here}!

I also received these in the mail the other day... and I love it when packages come in the mail! {However, all too often, it is stuff for my classroom... OY!} My friend, DeeDee, from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten has started a new business with her husband! It is called The Clever School Teacher and it helps teachers find books based on the "teaching strategy" they are trying to teach! I love it! So many times I have searched the internet for books about "friendship" or "plants" and I have a hard time finding books that I actually want to buy, because I am not sure that they will actually meet the objective that I am striving for. However, with this website, it makes it easy to find books on any teaching subject I want to cover in my classroom! LOVE!!!

The books I bought {BTW: I have had these on my wishlist FOREVER}:
  • Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed {Click Here}: This book is great for a lesson on kindness. I also gave a copy of this book to my darling High School Intern to show her how much we loved having her in our classroom! 
  • Un-Brella {Click Here}: This book has no words, but the pictures are darling! This book shows how important pictures can be in a story.  Towards the end of the year, I will also use this book to teach about the meaning of the prefix "un!"
  • You're Finally Here! {Click Here}: I will read this book on the first day of school! I have already read it to my nieces and nephews and they were all giggles during the whole story! :)

What are your favorite picture books? Please share! I am always looking for good books to buy!
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