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daily 5 {chapter 2}

My favorite part about chapter 2 was this:

When you think about it, it really makes sense! When students understand the purpose of doing something and have a choice on which task they complete, they are naturally more motivated to stay busy and learn. 
I love the idea of teaching students the urgency and why they need to complete each Daily 5 task.  I am having so many "ah ha" moments while reading this book, that it will be interesting to see it actually working in my classroom next year. I am so excited {but, not excited enough to want summer to end}!

I also liked the questions students should ask themselves before choosing a Daily 5 task. I made a printable to go along with them and I will display this poster on my Daily 5 bulletin board {along with the 5 choices}.

Click the picture below to download. Please Note: I added this poster to the end of the last Daily 5 download {so you will need to download it again}. It will be easier to keep all the downloads all in one place, so each week I will be adding to this file. Enjoy!

BTW: It's still not too late to follow along and read The Daily 5 and CAFE with us! 
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