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a brown paper package...


All thanks to MPM School Supplies, I was able to get a lot of back-to-school 
items checked off my list!! Thanks guys!!

I love getting fun stuff in the mail. 

I am excited to use Wax Works with my small groups next year. Click {here} to check them out.
I will use them to build words and underline phrases and letters.

I also stocked up on construction paper {here}, finger paint art paper {here}, and Tac 'n Stick {here}.

These are my favorite kind of name plates and I have used them every year! Click {here} to check them out. After writing my students' names on them, I will laminate them, and then Velcro them to each desk by putting a small square of Velcro in each corner. {BTW: I love to Velcro the name plates, because then I can change desks wayyyy easier! I only have to move the name plates around --instead of the desks-- and then my students transfer all their stuff into a new desk. They don't usually have a lot in their desks to begin with, but transferring to a new desk, every-so-often, helps them keep everything clean and tidy. I also have a contest to see who can keep their name plate the nicest all year long and the students who do, get an award! 
Usually it ends up being the whole class.}

This puppet was a random purchase, but I am excited to use him in my classroom next year! Check it out {here}. Eventually, I would love to have a whole family of puppets... we'll see! I love how he is wearing a little suit and tie. And since my husband and I also teach the 4-year-old kids at church, I'm sure I will use this puppet with those kiddos, too! I wonder what concept he will teach my students.... Any ideas??

Be sure to check out MPM School Supplies!

What "must haves" are on your back-to-school shopping list?
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