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pizza, pizza!

My students have been working really hard to earn a pizza party and today they finally got it! As a second grade we have a behavior contest in the lunchroom and my students had to win this contest three times {each contest is a week long}. I was really proud of my kiddos, because they have been struggling with proper lunchroom behavior lately! What is it about lunchtime that makes kids go crazy??

Anyways, we had one awesome pizza party... it was so awesome, in fact, that the Mr. stopped by to grab a bite! I love it when he stops by {and so do they} and I wish he could do it more often.

I had this whole plan to get a picture of the pizza before they started eating it... but chaos/excitement broke loose and I plum forgot! Darn! So instead of pizza, please enjoy these beautiful, empty boxes! ;)

After lunch we made these pizza fractions created by the lovely, Amy Lemons. My students were seriously tickled with delight when I showed them this craft and they had tons of fun. Click {here} to check it out! It was the perfect end to our pizza party. Who knew food and math were such a good combo? 

In this words of my students, "This was the BEST DAY EVER!!!"


My favorite company, Teachers Pay Teachers, is having a banner contest. The person who gets the most "likes" on their picture will get $1,000! Of course I had to get in on the action and I came up with this:

I was going for something that would fit the look of the existing site. 
Will you pretty, pretty, pretty PLEASE "like" this photo on FB? 
Just click {here} or click the picture above to do so!
And while you are there, take a look around. 
There are a lot of great entries!

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends {...and I thought Friday would NEVER get here}!
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