Double-Digit Math Packet {Triple-Digit, Too!}

It's done! Hooray!!! I have finally posted the Double/Triple-Digit Math Packet! I am so excited to use this packet with my students, because end-of-level testing is coming up and let's face it... they can use all the practice they can get!!

Before I show you all the bells and whistles included this packet, I must tell you about this awesome poster I got from Abby @ The Inspired Apple {here}. We use this poem every single day and I love to hear my students whisper it to themselves while they are working. This poster isn't included in my packet, because I didn't make it up, but I would definitely recommend that you create one for your classroom--it will help a lot!

I also use these posters which I made awhile ago... Click {here} to download them for free.
{My students like to say "Start on the right if you want to be RIGHT!"}

My students went on a math hunt yesterday {this activity is included in my double-digit packet} and they loved it! They were doing the same old, boring, double-digit math... but they didn't notice, because they got to move around the room to find the different math problems. I love to get my students moving 
and I love it even MORE when they enjoy math! {I try to tell them everyday that they are mathematicians!}

Today my students played bingo... but first they had to do the work! We played bingo with all the sums and differences, so they were really motivated to get the answers right!

This packet includes over 50 practices pages {with answers included... don't worry}. In my classroom
 I use them for homework, assessments, morning work, and practice pages. 

I have this whole packet printed out and ready to go!  I love having all the masters in ONE place. 
I am a freak for being organized and I just can't help it... everything has to be in 
a binder {please tell me you're the same way}!!

This 140 page unit contains: over 50 practice pages {addition and subtraction, with/without regrouping, and triple/double-digit}, timed-tests {0-9 addition and subtraction}, 3 activities {bingo, a math hunt, and board game}, and story problem worksheets.

Every activity, worksheet, and game included in this packet is in black & white. I like to keep things pratical because I don't always have access to a color printer and color ink is just so expensive.

What tricks do you use in your classroom to teach double/triple-digit math?


  1. My math curriculum does a good job at teaching multiple strategies in addition to the standard algorithm. Some students do well with manipulatives and some do well with re-grouping on paper. It's great to have a variety of teaching resources to help kids find the way is easiest for them! Your unit looks like another great resource!
    Teaching With Style

  2. Looks like a great unit. I love your blog. I just started one! I would love if you would go follow.


    Lohren Nolan

  3. Just bought this Lindsey and can use it in so MANY ways. THANK YOU, thank you!
    Have a great weekend and happy Friday.

  4. Hi There!
    I posted last night with some fraction activities that I had done with my class. Your fraction sort was on my bulletin board I had not given you credit! This morning a team mate wanted the activity and when I searched where I had gotten it I found you!!! I went back and updated my blog post to give you credit. I also let my team know that it came from you. Just wanted you to know! I hate when someone doesn't give credit!!!


  5. I love all of these ideas! Excited to try them out in my classrooom!

    Come and check out our new blog!


  6. @Raegan: You are fine! Thanks for letting me know! :)

  7. We are diving into this standard too! The unit looks fab!


  8. I love those posters, thanks for the freebie!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  9. I absolutely love these! and wish I taught a higher grade to use them!!

    *TAG* you're it! Come check out my latest post on Mrs. Stanford's Class to see how to participate :)



  10. Thank you for creating such a comprehensive packet Lindsey! It is going to be great to have so many practice sheets ready to just print. I also love the poem you shared!

    Delighted in Second

  11. This looks like a great unit - and the moving around the room - terrific idea and I like the way you set up your Bingo game. Very nice.

  12. This unit is great! I was in the middle of teaching these standards when I came across your unit. I just finished getting it ready and we will be doing some of the games and activities for review tomorrow and next week. Thank you for all these great ideas. I just started my own blog and posting ideas. Thanks for your inspiration. -Jaime


thanks for the love ♥

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