all about biographies!

In my second grade classroom, we are all about biographies! {Confession: I think most biographies are quite boring... but of course I would never tell my students that... and even if I did, they wouldn't believe me. They think biographies are pretty much the coolest thing ever. EVER.}

To make biographies "cool" I started out by telling my students all about them, using these posters. 
{Okay, so this part isn't really that cool... but at least the posters are cute!}

And then I pulled out all the awesome biographies {Harry Potter anyone??} and my students have been smitten ever since. They LOVE learning about different people-- esp. famous people they watch on TV.

Then I showed them what their own autobiographies were going to look like and they got excited! But before I let them start, I gave them the "you-better-do-your-very-best-work" talk, because this is going to be the final project that I will send home with them at the end of the year. We are talking keepsakes that their parents will keep forever and show their future boyfriends/girlfriends keepsakes. {You gotta have something to show for second grade, right?}

In case you were wondering, this is what I really look like:

Here is a little peek of the inside of the books:

We aren't nearly finished with our autobiographies, but we have a good start and they are already really proud of what they have done so far. I am excited to see their final products and I will def. post pictures!

If you want to make your own autobiography books with your own students 
{to send home as an end-of-the year keepsake}, you can purchase it on TpT for $8.00. {Click Here!

This unit is perfect for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade and it includes: biography poster, autobiography poster, 2 worksheets/assessments to accompany both posters, autobiography activity {with all the pages needed to complete a book and an art activity}, and a homework assignment to help write autobiographies.

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  1. Love this!


  2. Looks great!!

    The First Grade Dream

  3. Ah!! Looks adorable!

  4. Lindsey,
    I love your blog and all of your ideas! This is such a cute idea for biographies! I am currently looking for my first teaching job, but will be sure to purchase your items when I find one! Question... how do you bind the booklets like the one in the pic? I would like to use it in my future classroom, I just don't know what you need/ how you do it! Thanks again for inspiring me with all your ideas!

  5. Mrs miller: I am lucky enough to work in a school that has a machine for that. Maybe your school will have one, too!

  6. it looks wonderful, we have all ready done biographies this year but I plan to use it next year. Thanks.

    Jill bubbalulu.blogspot.com Tales from Second

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  8. Lindsey, The Unit is FANTASTIC! The kids probably think just about everything you teach is cool not so much the biographies itself! (((WINK)))!

    As for the book machine, you can pick one up from Lakeshore Learning. Here is the link from the one I bought. I just love it!


    Primary Graffiti

  9. Oh my goodness! This is adorable!


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  11. Very cute!! I love KPM Doodles!

    C&C Teach First

  12. wow what a great way to teach them this at a young age!


    Apples and ABC's

  13. I love this!!!! I enjoy your posts!You are very creative! Continue to go forward! God bless you and yours!

  14. This is seriously the cutest thing ever!! Thanks for putting it all together. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  15. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I have a 2nd grader and these have been nice activities for our home.

  16. So cute! I love little window in the book cover - what a great idea!
    Teaching With Style

  17. Love the new packet! I know you get TONS of awards but just wanted to let you know that I gave you one at Primary Punch. Head over to check it out!

    Primary Punch

  18. Thanks Lindsey for your comment on my blog...I love yours too (I'm your newest follower!)I just finished up a unit on biographies and autobiographies too that coupled with the skill of how to ask questions to boost comprehension! I will post some of my lessons soon...the finished products just went up to be proudly displayed on Monday! I LOVE the idea of making their own autobiography book! I know your kid's parents love you dearly for it!


  19. Love this! Just put it on my wish list!

    Learning is a Journey

  20. I absolutely love this!!! I'm wondering if you would be willing to see just the autobiography section? Email me: marie.garner@nebo.edu


thanks for the love ♥

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