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positive postcards

My new year's resolution is to notice my students more. As a new teacher, I feel like I am always rushing from one thing to the next and I forget to notice how stinkin' cute they are. Besides, children thrive on positive comments and attention {heck, so do adults}!

I created these postcards/notes that I will give to my students when I see them do something great/kind. I could write all the notes ahead of time, but I really want to make them specific to each child, so I won't. For example, when I see them doing something great or noteworthy, I will write a note to them that night and leave it on their desk the next morning.  Since I don't have all the time in the world, I will only be giving each student one note. {I may or may not mail them to their houses... I can't decide. I know that they would love to get mail... I'll have to think about that!}

Click the image below to download your own positive postcards:

I would love to hear how you use these in your classroom! Happy New Year! :)

How do you "notice" your students and make them feel special?

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