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Fraction Fun!

This packet is full of Fraction FUN! In this unit you will find... 3 anchor charts {fraction, numerator, & denominator}, labeling fractions activity with anchor chart and worksheet/assessment, fraction book for teacher, mini fraction book for student {with a cut and paste activity}, fraction bookmarks, fraction line chart with an activity/assessment, memory game, fraction sort, story  problems, task cards (for independent work), 5 practice worksheets/assessments, & 2 Numerator/Denominator Charts {vertical & horizontal}.

Here are some of the activities available:

I am really excited to give them their fraction bookmarks tomorrow! 
They will think they are pretty neat! ;)

And since I love you so much, click here to download the Fraction Sort as a FREEBIE! 
If you like it, then be sure to check out the whole packet

Here is the completed Fraction Fun unit:


BTW: This unit completes my math wall {located at the front of my classroom where all my students can see it}. If you want your math wall to look like this, you can purchase the fraction unit here, graph posters here and download the double-digit addition/subtraction posters for free here!

You can also download the "Math Wall" banner for free {click here}! 
Just print onto brightly colored card stock, cut out and tape onto thin string. 

How do you teach fractions to your students? Do you have a math wall?
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