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All I can say about this unit is HALLELUJAH - it's done!

This unit finally is the perfect companion to All About Nouns and Action Verbs!

One of the printables you will find in this unit is an A-Z Book of Adjectives. I made these for my students today. I will introduce these books to them tomorrow and they will keep them in their writing folders. 
This book will help them write with a variety of adjectives! 

I am also excited to play this game, Build-a-Sentence, with them tomorrow! They will have to roll a noun, spin a verb, and pick an adjective (with cards). Then they will use these words to create a complete sentence.

This unit is designed to teach your students about AWESOME ADJECTIVES! 
Many of the activities also integrate nouns and verbs.

This unit includes:
- Adjective Anchor Chart
- Adjective Board Game 
- A-Z Book of Adjectives (For Writing)
- 5 Writing Prompts (Web and Worksheet)
- Build-A-Sentence Game (2 Versions)
- 3 Assessments/Worksheets
- Noun/Verb/Adjective Word Hunt


How do you teach adjectives to your students?


  1. I love this! You have such a talent for design!

    Thank you~


  2. Very nice looking!! I wish you were doing a give-away for the first few people since I'm finally one of them :) Alas, I will still by it from you like I do so much of your stuff!!

  3. This is awesome! I love your noun and verb units. This is going on my wishlist for after Christmas.
    2B Honey Bunch

  4. Great! I will buy this unit for sure! I like to use chart paper to make a grid with nouns,verbs, adjectives and prep.phrases. Then you sing the sentences to the tune of Farmer in the Dell. Its comes from GLAD and its called a Sentence Patterning Chart.

  5. I just got your response on TPT about blogging about your adjective unit with pictures. I had blogged about it earlier in the week and just went back in and added my student work pictures since I heard from you. Thanks for the AWESOME unit! My kids loved writing about the superheros. Check it out: http://teacheristatales.blogspot.com/2012/01/rockin-writing.html

    Mrs. Pollard
    Tales of a Teacherista


thanks for the love ♥

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