word endings: update

I have spend the better part of my weekend re-vamping my Word Endings Unit (-ed, -ing).  It was one of the first units I made to sell and I have learned so much about designing lesson plans since then. I have been wanting to cute-sify it for a while and I am glad to have finally found the time! This best seller is now a *lot* cuter and 10 pages bigger! If you have already purchased it, you can re-download it at TpT or TN. If you haven't purchased it, then now's the time! Your students will love all the learning-packed activities and games.


The first person to guess how early I put up my Christmas tree will get this unit FREE!
(Just remember to leave your email address.)

Update: K.M.L. guessed it! She said, "The weekend before thanksgiving?"
K.M.L. look for the Word Endings Unit in your inbox! Congrats!
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