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DIY place value mats

As a new teacher, I love finding easy/effective things to use in my classroom. For this reason alone, I feel the need to share with you... DIY Place Value Mats! A wonderful teacher at my school shared them with me and I am so grateful for her. These are so easy and you will want to make them first thing tomorrow morning! ;)

These Place Value Mats are made with one large sheet of construction paper (12 x 18") with a middle section (12 x 6") glued on top, in the middle. Then all you have to do is place titles at the top of each section and laminate. I actually had a parent volunteer put these all together (gotta love those volunteers)!

I love how they are so BIG and easy for my students to use!

We have used these mats over and over and OVER again! 
My students keep the blocks in their desks, so it isn't a lot of hassle to get them out.

Click the image below to download the titles for each section:

How do you teach place value to your students?

Do you notice anything different about my blog?? ;)
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