bubble gum FUN! (writing and math)

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! (Thank goodness for Saturdays, right?) 
I know I am, because I got all my grades finished and handed out yesterday. Such a relief!

My students worked really hard this week, so to reward those little cuties... we had a GUM day!
Of course, I made them earn it with good behavior (you gotta make 'em work for it)!

I got this fun gum activity from Julie Lee over at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten
She has so many great ideas! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you definitely need to!

I made a few changes to this lesson and I adapted it to my 2nd grade students.

First I gave my students some bubble gum (Double Bubble) and believe me, they were so excited! 
Then we chewed and CHEWED! I also put them into partners so they could practice blowing a bubble. 
You should have seen some of their faces... they were HILARIOUS and they looked like chipmunks!

Then we talked about some bubble blowing tricks. By this point, they were really into this writing activity and couldn't wait to get back to their own desks and begin writing down their own bubble blowing instructions. We also graphed who could and couldn't blow a bubble. I was worried some students would feel bad about not being able to blow a bubble, but they weren't. They were just excited to actually have gum and learn how!

When they were all done writing about How to Blow a Bubble, they did this cute little art activity to go with it. 
I was so impressed at how darling some of them turned out! Seriously, how adorable is this???

And just in case you are wondering... I did blow the balloons up a head of time! I just didn't want to deal with it during the lesson. I only blew mine up about 1/4 of the way, so they would stay small. As the students finished their faces, I looped them through the mouth hole and taped them on the back.

Click the image below to download this fun activity:
Thanks Julie for being so creative and wonderful! 

What do you do to reward your students with good behavior?
How do you get your students excited about writing?


  1. This is sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We do this too! I used the Lesson Plan Sos's writing template and my kiddos loved it! We did it during "bubble week" at the end of the year! They kept saying, "Mrs. Smith let us chew gum at school...how cool!"

    hahaha...they didn't even know they were learning! :)

    I guess I make my kids excited about writing by writing things that are relevant to them! What they like!

  3. @Rachelle: my students were the same way about chewing gum in school! they thought we were being SO sneaky! love it!

  4. What a precious activity! LOVE it..I tried downloading, but it said I don't have permission to view it..is there any way you might send it by email?


  5. It gave me the same message about viewing it.

    e-mail: kimberlycollatos@comcast.net

  6. I have this on my definitely need "to do" list at the end of the year. Thank you for the cute ideas.

    First Grade Delight

  7. Thank you so much!! It downloaded right away! Have a great weekend!

  8. I pinned this idea a while back and was planning on adapting it for 2nd graders as well! Thanks to you, all the hard work is done for me! I def appreciate that! Love this activity and can't wait to do it with my kiddos!

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  10. Love this! I'll be using this at the end of the year when we do bubbles!

    Thanks for sharing.



  11. A million thanks!

    I've seen this idea floating around Pinterest, but you put some real teeth to it for older students! I too teach 2nd grade and I'm going to save it for the week our writing focus is on "How To."

  12. How cute! I love this idea! I like to be sneaky and chew gum for rewards too...this will definitely be a great activity for later in the year! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  13. Love this! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to do something similar on Wednesday for our 50's day in Kindergarten...

  14. LOVE this!! Your kiddies' writing and artworks are fabulous, I can just imagine their faces when they were learning to blow bubbles...too FUN! Thanks so much for sharing! Now to convince my Principal to let me use bubble gum !!

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  15. This is adorable! Your students did a fabulous job! I love how you used this as a reward for good behavior too.

  16. Thanks for sharing! My 2nd graders will love this!!


  17. I can't wait to do this! Thanks for sharing!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  18. I think I might be more excited for this activity than my students will be! Thanks, Lindsey!!

    First Grade Factory

  19. I did this with my ELL 2nd graders last year. They loved it! Yours look adorable. I also blew up the balloons ahead of times.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  20. I love doing this activity with my kids! I think the kids love being allowed to chew gum while we do the activity more than the project itself! I am your newest follower! Great blog!



  21. Sooo adorable...how the heck could I fit this amazing activity into January??? Do snowmen blow bubbles? LOL. Thanks!

    Randi @ Teach It With Class

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  22. I just did this activity with 8th graders and they loved it! Thank you for sharing

  23. I am your newest follower! I was getting ready to this EXACT lesson and you already have it!!!!! I am sooooo excited to use this! Thanks for sharing! If you get a chance come on over and check out my blog!

    First Grade Fanatic!

  24. This is an amazing blog! I am a newer teacher and I just started a blog. You are an inspiration.

    My blog is : 2nd Grade with Mrs. Wade

  25. How cute! I love this idea! I teach second grade too and my students will LOVE this (they are always asking if they can chew gum in class). I do have to ask though, did you have the kids cut out construction paper for their hair, eyes, etc or was that something you had done is advance?


  26. This is so cute! We are going to use it next week- and I just blogged about it! :)
    First with Franklin

  27. This is so cute i am a senior in college and we have to teacher a group of student and would love to do this active with them how can i use it

  28. We are doing this activity today!!!


thanks for the love ♥

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