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even and odd street

We kicked off the year learning about "even" and "odd" numbers.
(I want them to do their Everyday Learning workbooks independently...)
I found a great idea on... you guessed it Pinterest... with Even and Odd Houses. 
I feel in love with it immediately and I had to do it with my second graders.
Click here to view the original/cuter idea (you will have to scroll through the pictures to find it).

Even and Odd Street:

I first had them make the "Even Houses" by following my step-by-step instructions.
I actually used this as a listening assessment, because they all had to turn out the same.

Then I let them go crazy with the "Odd Houses" and they loved it! Some of them even had dog houses! 

Click here to download the black-lines for this activity.

Click here to see some cute even/odd chants written by Jess at Rambling About Reading
Thanks Jess! I will definitely use these during calendar time!

How do you teach even/odd numbers?

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