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book boxes

Today I am loving my book boxes. 

I love how my students can keep track of the books they are reading, 
while taking good care of my classroom library at the same time. 

It also allows my students to bring books from home and they don't get lost anymore! 

Some students have more than one book in their box, which is fine, 
because they can come back to their book box anytime and switch out their book. 
This also allows me to see what books certain students are reading during independent reading time.

My students leave the book boxes here (on the shelf pictured below), instead of taking them to their desks.

I blurred out my students' names, but I do have two students to every book box. 
This seems to work fine and they don't mind sharing at all.

I purchased these book boxes (a.k.a. magazine files)  from Ikea, where I got a 5 pack for $1.99. 
This is BY FAR the best deal I have found for these... Other stores were asking so much more!
The only downside is that you have to pick them up at the store, because they aren't available online.

Do you have book boxes? How do you use them in your classroom?

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