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Today I am loving my book boxes. 

I love how my students can keep track of the books they are reading, 
while taking good care of my classroom library at the same time. 

It also allows my students to bring books from home and they don't get lost anymore! 

Some students have more than one book in their box, which is fine, 
because they can come back to their book box anytime and switch out their book. 
This also allows me to see what books certain students are reading during independent reading time.

My students leave the book boxes here (on the shelf pictured below), instead of taking them to their desks.

I blurred out my students' names, but I do have two students to every book box. 
This seems to work fine and they don't mind sharing at all.

I purchased these book boxes (a.k.a. magazine files)  from Ikea, where I got a 5 pack for $1.99. 
This is BY FAR the best deal I have found for these... Other stores were asking so much more!
The only downside is that you have to pick them up at the store, because they aren't available online.

Do you have book boxes? How do you use them in your classroom?


  1. I have used these Ikea book boxes for the past 3 years now. They are cheap and work great! The only downside is that the bottoms start falling out after awhile. Invest in a couple rolls of clear packing tape, because you will need it by the end of the year to repair them. However, they are still by far the best deal and hold a perfect amount of books!

  2. I'm loving this idea!! And I'm also glad you clarified that 2 kids share a box, because I was going to be VERY jealous of an 11 student room! ;-)


  3. I've heard of people using cereal boxes as the book boxes (modpodging them with some pretty papers).

  4. Wow, thanks for the tip on the IKEA boxes!! I wanted to get book boxes for my kids but I can't afford to buy the nice plastic ones. But I can totally do this!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  5. Good to see, I've been thinking about doing this in my class. I like that you have the boxes stationary.

  6. I use book boxes in my resource room. It allows my students to have "special" books that they read while they are in my classroom and I am able to have more control over the type/level books that my students are reading to make sure they are "just right" books. Plus, my students love their book boxes and are constantly asking to read from them. I love your idea to have them bring their own books to put in there, I have not allowed that yet...hmmm

  7. I wish Ikea was within driving distance!

    I have 11 kindergartners...during first quarter, I place a small basket on each of three tables. The children keep their 'readers' for the week (there are 32 in our reading series) and a selection of beginning reader books in these baskets. As reading levels become more specialized, I will begin using gallon-sized zip locks for each child. We will shop for books on Mondays!

    Thanks for sharing your room with us!

  8. What a fantastic idea! I like this so much better than giant ziploc bags - these seem to be sturdier :)

  9. I also use book boxes in my resource room, and I love it! This is an easy activity I can have my students do if there is a behavior problem I need to attend to, or if I need to have my kids leave the room because of another students behavior problem, I can say, "grab your book box and go to the library (or back to class)." The best part, I don't have to worry about my students "wasting time" because I know the books in there box are "just right"!

  10. I LOVE the Ikea book boxes. I look like a crazy person when I go in there because I buy 10 or 15 packs at a time. I use them for so many different things in my room!!

    I am an upper grade teacher and we are departmentalized so I have 6 kids per box and they are grouped according to their reading level. Each student gets to pick a book from the classroom library for the box. They aren't allowed to switch the books out until all 6 students have read them. My kids comment all the time about how they are glad they are reading things that they wouldn't necessarily pick for themselves, which makes this teacher one happy girl!

  11. I've been using the IKEA book boxes for the past 7 years. Love them! Each student gets their own. We use them to put their "just right" books in them. We talk about how to use our book boxes, carrying them, storing them, etc. I allow the kids to keep 5-7 books at a time. This helps so the bottom won't fall out. The boxes stay in great shape all year!

    WILD About First Grade!

  12. I love book boxes! We use them for Daily 5, and have the "nice plastic ones". lol I actually got them at Target in the Dollar Spot. They were $2.50 this year!!! I had to buy a couple replacements.

    Lacie, your newest follower


  13. OH Ikea, why are you always sooo far away from my house...I know that I could LOVE YOU, if only you were not a day's drive away!

    LOVE it!!
    Sarah Hetrick

  14. I just made mine. They turned out great. Have yet to use them for Rockin' Reading workshop. These are a collection of plastic, some from staples, and some from Ikea. Can't wait to see how they work!

  15. I absolutely adore your blog and have chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award ! Stop by my blog to check it out!

  16. I love this idea and just ordered some from Amazon! I can't wait to get them and start using them. Also, Love your blog!

  17. I teach in Utah and have 30 2nd graders. How is it possible that you only have 22? Soooo jealous. :)

  18. Love this idea! Then students won't have to cram books into their desks... we all know how messy those can get! THANKS!


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