teacher's notebook: a new way to sell!

Have you heard of Teachers Notebook?

Well, let me tell you just a little bit about it (thanks Tamara for the info)... Teachers Notebook is owned by a Kindergarten teacher (now stay-at-home mom), Debbie, and her husband, Steve.  Steve has designed some of the biggest sites in education and he has worked with large educational companies, such as Scholastic, PBS, and other major publishing companies. Steve even designed the Word Girl site and just finished the Suessville website a few months ago. His wife asked him to create a store for teachers, since he has the talent and contacts, and that's why Teachers Notebook was launched a few months ago. 
And let me tell you, it's a wonderful site!

If you already sell your teacher-created items online, then you will love this website!

Selling on Teacher's Notebook:
-NO Listing Fees
-First Year FREE (yes that's right, no Sale's fees for a YEAR!)
-Unlimited FREE items
-Keep 100% of all sales (minus PayPal fees)
-It's risk free! (You can cancel at any time)

I just wanted to share this with you, because it is really nice to get all the profit from my teacher-created items (the PayPal fee is only 2.9% plus $0.30), instead of the hosting website taking some of it. 

In general, the layout of the website is really nice and posting new products is super easy!

If you would like to start selling teacher-created items or you have been selling your
teacher-created items and you would like to sign up with Teacher's Notebook, 
now is the time to do it (you have nothing to lose)!

Click on the image below to get started:

For the record, I will still sell all my products on Teachers Pay Teachers. (I love that site!) 
I just want to broaden my horizons and get my products on more than one website.

*I was not endorsed by Teacher's Notebook in any way to write this post. I genuinely think it is a great site!*

Where do you sell your teacher-created items?
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