modern binder covers

I don't know why, but I seem to be obsessed with chevron patterns lately...

And the colors red, blue, and yellow...

They just look so pretty together!

In my attempt to get ready for next year, I put together this collection of cover pages. 
I will be using them as binder covers to organize different teaching subjects. 

I made these cover pages with a modern flair, because even though I "love" apples and school houses, 
I don't want them to adorn every corner in my classroom. 

Click on the picture below to download these cover pages for FREE at my TpT store.
(All I ask is that you follow my blog and my TpT store in return...)


How do you keep your files organized?


  1. Love these! Snagged them from your TpT store. Not sure why I wasn't a follower before, but I am now! :) I print title pages similar to these and keep everything in binders.

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  2. Love it all! Your blog, your TpT products, your sweet FREEBIE! Thanks!
    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  3. OMG - LOVE! But you knew that right?! I mean, I loved the lovely paper blog. hehe. And yes, bring on the chevrons and yellow & grey combo or turquoise and blue combo any day!

    ha, you reminded me of this girl in grad school who on the first day wasn't so sure if she could be a teacher because she didn't want to wear apple earrings or sweaters!!

  4. not turquoise & blue, i meant turquoise and red! that would look much prettier.

  5. Love it! I snagged it too because I LOVE organizational stuff!!

    I keep lists, binders and all kinds of post-its to help keep me organized. I can't stand clutter so binders, notebooks and lists are essential! My big joke is my obsession with lists helped me get through college! :)

  6. I'm binder CRAZY and of course everything is labeled. Your covers are so much prettier than mine!!

  7. Love the binder covers! Thanks for offering them! I also downloaded your double o looking glasses!!! Super CUTE!

  8. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! :0)

  9. Ohmygoodness! Love these...Chevron patterns are awesome! I added you to my blog roll~ can't believe you weren't already there! =)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I love this!!
    I am in my last year of schooling and trying to soak up as much inspiration as possible :)


  11. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this blog! I am a momma of 3 amazing little men and we have just moved over to Canada after doing school in a UK enviroment. My son was placed into Grade 1 by mistake and is now being held back as he is not ready for grade 2. I have been desperate for some learning aids to help me help him over the summer and though I have found idea's nothing seems great enough. UNTIL NOW. I actually burst into tears after reading your posts I now have a bit of sturcture to try helping teach my boys to enable them to be fully ready for next year. Thank you so so much.

  12. Just came across this blog... LOVE IT. I have a TON of paperwork - I teach SPED - so I use HUGE 3-ring binders with tabs. I have one with ALL my SPED info - IEP snapshots, parent info, accommodation lists, parental rights, everything. My other giant binder has my lesson plans/modifications, leadership meeting notes, department meeting notes, and anything I may need to reference later. (If I chaired a committee, etc.) Then, I can look back and pull all my field day or meetings or sign in sheets or whatever :)

  13. Hi! I found your blog through Trendy Treehouse, and I'm so glad I did! I just finished my fourth year teaching in Northern VIrginia!! I'm so excited to look at all of your stuff. Congrats on surviving your first year :) I'm your new follower and would love for you to check out my blog at http://www.gardenpatchadventures.com

    Jess :)

  14. Thanks for sharing!! I will be a first year teacher and these will come in handy!!


  15. So glad to have found your blog-you're very creative! What program do you use to create your printables? I love your postcard and binder covers, but they don't fit my theme.
    Good luck in the 2011-2012 teaching year!

  16. Thanks for these, they are fabulous! I am following both!

    Simply 2nd Resources


thanks for the love ♥

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