summer reading help!

I am looking to do a Summer Reading Challenge with my first graders.
(Since I will most likely be looping with them, I have a VERY invested interest!)

Do you guys do anything like that?

I really just want to keep them reading this summer... any ideas will help!

How do you encourage your students to read over the summer?


  1. I am wanting to do the same thing. I am thinking of writing a reading contract that the child signs and the parents sign. If the child will read 50 books/or chapter books equivalent, I will pay $5 when school starts. I do great AR rewards so I am down to money. That really is the easiest for me.

  2. Brooke at eduperry.com has a cute idea!

  3. We take the kids to the public library (or have a librarian come to your school) since they always do a summer reading program. I also send home a list of the 2nd grade high frequency words so they can start learning those.

  4. Have you thought of offering a contest? If every child reads ___ books, then there will be a pizza party at the beginning of the year, or something like that.

  5. I send home a summer reading logs (with a list of books at their level) and my Summer Reading and Writing Practice for Home packet.
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  6. I've heard of teachers sending home a beach ball and if the student comes back to school in Aug. with a certain number of books read, they receive a prize or party!

    Have fun whatever you decide! :)

  7. To help their writing {because readers are writers and vice versa, right?!} I buy really cheap notebooks and modge podge a new cover. I use cute stickers to make their name then write a little note inside. If they bring the journal back to me in the fall with good writing inside they get to go to my treasure box. Hope that helps! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  8. Our entire school does a summer reading program. Kids fill in a pledge sheet committing to reading so many minutes a week. They keep track over the summer and if they bring in their sheet at the beginning of the year their names go into a drawing to win prizes.

  9. Our reading specialist has a summer reading challenge for all of our first graders. She challenges them to read 100 books (or 100 chapters) over the summer. She gives them a reading log to take home that parents need to initial after each book is read. Then, at the begining of the next school year, all of the students who completed the challenge are invited to an ince cream sundae party. ( Our PTO generously provides the ice cream, toppings, etc.)


  10. We have used this as our summer reading option: http://www.scholastic.com/summer/ we can track it over the summer and if students earn ____ of points or read that many books then they can get (ex: a book- we use our bonus points to buy books from scholastic) We have several goals and different rewards for each level.

    It can also be a challenge to "beat the teacher" Those students that read more than the teacher get ______.

    Happy Reading!

  11. The local library has a program every Wednesday. I picked 4 days that I would go and made postcards on Vistaprint to invite the kids to come read with me at the library! Then (hopefully) I can make sure they check out some books each time, too!!
    They were so excited when I told them they could come hand out with me at the library!!

  12. Our public library does a summer reading program. I have had the local librarian come in and give a short presentation to the students on the program, which get's them very excited.

    If you set it up as an expectation, most of your students will read this summer.

    You can also do a book share, where every student brings in their favorite book to share.


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  13. Our school sends home a summer reading log and the kids who bring it back in the fall get to have lunch with the Principal. We usually get a pretty good turn out.

  14. Scholastic is having a summer reading challenge. I registered my class for it and will send home a parent letter in my summer packet!

  15. I'm glad you posted this! I love hearing everyone's great ideas. I'm not looping but I'm still interesting in doing a reading challenge with my kiddos and encouraging kinder teachers to do the same!


    Frenzy in First

  16. Scholastic has a summer reading challenge

  17. Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten just made a post about a great writing gift to give students to get them writing over the summer, too. I liked it so much that I made my own! You can check out my post here: http://pattonspatch.blogspot.com/2011/05/end-of-year-writing-notebooks.html It also links to hers so you can see the original AWESOME idea!

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