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My Favorite Class!
I have finally updated my "about me" tab!
 Hello There! My name is Lindsey. I am a first year, first grade teacher in Utah... soon to be a second year, second grade teacher. (Yes you read that right... If all goes according to plan then I am looping with my firsties to second!  I couldn't be more excited, because I have a great group of kids!) I am a newlywed and I love being married to my hunky husband, Dave. I have started this blog to share my adventures as I experience new opportunities through teaching and marriage. ♥

 Like I have mentioned before, I am a first grade teacher.
Those who know me well know that I mention that a lot.

I am so proud of it. I love calling myself a "first grade teacher".

Even though my job can be stressful, I love it!

My First Grade Teacher & I

I have a terrific group of kids. 
It is amazing how much I truly love each and every one of them. 
I love seeing them progress and learn new things. 
It seriously makes me giddy! 

I am so excited to go to second grade with them, 
because I don't think my heart could handle letting them go! 

My Niece & I

I am teaching first grade at the same elementary school I attended as a little girl... in fact, I am teaching across the hall from my first grade teacher (she is still in first grade--it is so fun to work with her)!

I also love having my niece in my class! 
It is so special and she is the perfect student!

My husband and I were married in June 2009. It's been almost 2 years, but I think we are still newlyweds! We met 4 years ago while he was golfing and I was working...
the rest is history.

We don't have any kids (yet)... I have 22 first graders to keep me busy instead!

I hope you enjoy this blog as I reflect on my life as a teacher!

Thanks for reading!

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