sick car, pizza cookies, and action words

Yesterday I woke up as normal.  Got ready for the day.  Ate breakfast. Went out to my car.

All as normal...

 I started my car and proceeded to back up.

It didn't go. It just made that revving noise like it was trying.

Not normal. Darn (but that's not what I said).

The engine sounded fine, it just wouldn't go backwards or forwards.

The transmission is sick. You know what that means? It will cost $$$$$ and lots of it.

Good thing I make so much money being a teacher! ;)

Worst Case Scenario: it needs a totally new transmission... which means a new car for us.

Best Case Scenario: it only needs more transmission fluid.

Is it wrong of me to want the worst case scenario?

That option just sounds like more fun (I gotta look on the bright side)...

I hope you all had a better "Friday the 13th" than I did!


On a lighter and not-so-depressing note...

I had a little guy bring in his birthday treat like this last week:

Don't you love "Hot-N-Ready" sugar cookies?

He got a kick out of telling his friends that he brought pizza for his treat...
and you should have seen his face when he opened the box in front of the class.

His mom said she had to drive all over town to get him a pizza box so he could trick everyone. 

It was seriously one of the funniest things! 

This kid cracks me up and I am thanking my lucky stars that I get to move on with him and all the others... 
I mean it when I say that my heart couldn't handle sending them onto another teacher!


And moving on to my next subject...

WOW- I owe a big thank you to all my friends who have 
already purchased my Action Verb Unit (my sick transmission says thank you, too)!

I am so lucky to be connected with so many wonderful people!

We completed this unit last week and my students thought it was pretty neat.

Check out these awesome "action" heroes created by my first graders:

 My favorite one is "Verby Potter"! Are you students obsessed with him, too?

I hope you all had a wonderful week! 

Only 3 weeks left! Wahoo!


  1. Love the pizza box cookies! Very creative.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  2. You need to get together a 3rd grade version of your action heroes!! I so love them!!! They are so stinkin cute!!!
    The pizza box is too funny! You must have an awesome class!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  3. I love that you've become the grammar queen of TpT! :)


  4. Ohhhh, I hate 'car stuff'...its my achilles heel. However, please be thankful that you don't have to face those car things alone. Its MUCH worse when you are trying desperately to think of someone who can 1-come pick you up and rescue you wherever you got 'stuck' and 2-think of someone to ask for advice (since the mechanics see single women coming a mile away).

    Liesl in Va Beach

  5. Love Verby Potter! I love, love your stuff! I buy it even though I teach third. I love the posters, and so do my kids! (esp. the -ed one with the old woman)I hope the car is ok! Have a great weekend!

    Third Grade Experience

  6. Congratulations on being the "Meet the Teacher" on TeacherspayTeachers!! How very exciting! Have a great week!

    Little Priorities

  7. @ Lori: Thank you! I had no idea it would be out so soon! Thanks for letting me know:)

  8. I just bought this verb unit and can't wait to teach it! So fun!


thanks for the love ♥

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